This wonderful healing work is offered to support your digestive system and help                                                          your body detox!

This treatment is very effective for symptoms like:
skin conditions,
muscle aches and pains,
allergies, and yes, even infertility!
An unhealthy colon can hold up to 15lbs of unwanted waste matter!
What to expect from a treatment:
This is a 90 minutes massage that works deeply in to the colon, small intestines and helps realigning the inner organs of the abdominal cavity.
You will be asked to fill out a  lengthy consultation form and some questions you may feel are a little personal. This is because we believe that both physical and emotional issues go hand in hand creating some of the symptoms you are experiencing.
Many of our clients have been to their GPs, had various tests, and still have no definitive diagnosis; this is why we like to ask more questions and hear what you actually have to say.
Your 1st treatment will consist of a gentle, “relatively” deep massage – we need to gauge your body’s response. Some will leave the table feeling euphoric and some a little emotional, but both are positive signs.
To fully benefit of this type of work we recommend to do a block or 3 or 5 treatments close together. For more info please call or email .